Updates: Julie on Temporary Leave of Absence and back to in-person visits

Hello Treehouse family! I’m writing to let everyone know that Julie Roebuck, our industrious and awesome Nurse Practitioner, has had to take a temporary leave of absence for personal reasons. We are hopeful that Julie will be able to return in a few months if all goes well. In the meantime, if you are a patient of Julie’s, please get on my (Dr. Heck’s) schedule as soon as possible so I can begin to see you while she is gone. If there are any issues with this, please email me (drheck@treehousechildpsychiatry.com) and let me know and we can discuss the situation.

In other news, we are beginning to resume some in-person visits. On the scheduling system you will see options to schedule both in-person and telehealth visits. Please select the visit you would like when scheduling. Keep in mind that the office has moved since the pre-COVID days. Our current location is 1410 Incarnation Drive, Suite 206. If you park at the North end of the building (closest to where you pull in) you will enter on the 2nd floor and we’re all the way at the end of the hall, last door on the left. If you drive around and park at the south end of the building, we’re up the stairs, on the 2nd floor, first door on the right. I have a temporary sign (i.e. a sheet of paper) up on the door right now, but should have a real one within a few weeks hopefully. All Treehouse staff are fully vaccinated and we will be following local, state, and federal recommendations for health facilities (which we are) regarding masking/sanitizing/etc to the best of our ability as those become clear to us.

That’s about all I have to announce for now. I hope everyone is doing well navigating the post-COVID world and I look forward to seeing you all again in real life soon hopefully!

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