Fee Schedule

  • New Patient Evaluation:
    • Dr. Heck: $400
    • Julie Roebuck: $300
  • Follow Up:
    • Dr. Heck: $150 (Dr. Heck)
    • Julie Roebuck: $125
  • Extended Follow Up:
    • Dr. Heck: $300
    • Julie Roebuck: $250
  • All other work is billed at $300/hr for Dr. Heck or $250/hr for Julie Roebuck divided into 10 minute increments based on time it takes to complete the work. 
  • Court Fees: Any court feels are billed at $3000/day plus $500/hour inclusive of any preparation time, travel time, and any other expenses. Dr. Heck does not typically do court/legal evaluations or testimony.
  • No-Show/Late Fees:
    • Cancellations with < 24 hours notice will result in being charged the full fee for your missed appointment.
    • Repeated no-shows or late arrivals may be grounds for dismissal from the practice.
    • Late arrivals (> 10 minutes late for a 30 min follow up, or >30 min late for a new patient evaluation) will be rescheduled and must pay their full visit fee as they would not have adequate time with their doctor.
  • Bounced Check: $75 fee