Coronavirus Update

As you’ve all probably heard, there’s a pandemic going on. It’s pretty serious, actually. The single best thing we can do is to practice physical/social distancing in real life, to try and limit the spread of the virus as much as possible. Doing this will hopefully help keep our medical system from getting overwhelmed so when people DO get sick (with anything) we can help them. If the system gets overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, there won’t be enough resources or staff to save everyone, regardless of what brings them to the hospital. So it is of upmost importance that everyone engage is pretty extreme isolation by modern standards for the time being.

To that end, for the time being, Treehouse Child Psychiatry is moving to telemedicine visits for all in-person visits. At the same time, we are starting the process of migrating from Luminello to a different electronic medical record system, CharmEHR. Charm has built in telemedicine capabilities, which was one big reason for the switch.

Another reason for the changeover is that in the next few months, we are very likely adding a new member to our team, a nurse practitioner with many years of experience. She is wonderful, and I may be asking if some of you might want to transfer to her care (especially adult patients, anyone who would prefer a female provider, anyone who needs a slightly more affordable alternative, or anyone who is just tired of seeing me and wants to see someone else haha.)  It’s not official yet, but we’re hoping to have that in place by June or so, and CharmEHR allows us to share the practice records across the board.

Finally, if all current patients could take a second and fill out this quick form to update your contact info/emails that’d be fantastic:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sxY4_h2crZ7JGEgzaYGDJDI08UB0nsisRS4DPv-z9lc



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